[LIX] Stakepool

General Informations

I am running a Cardano validator node with the ticker [LIX]. The node supports the Cardano blockchain network by validating and signing blocks.

The number of blocks the network assigns to the pool for signing is proportional to the amount of stake the pool represents in the network. You can support me and the pool by staking your ADA (token of the protocol) with the pool and share in the rewards from the network.

Stake Pool Ticker : [LIX]

Fees : 2%

Fixed Fee : 340 ADA per epoch (shared)

All fees get subtracted from potential rewards, not your stake! The fixed fee is disbursed among all stakers of the pool based on stake.



  • Type I: Google Cloud Compute Engine, 4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM, (30 + 30)GB SSD
  • Type II: Amazon AWS T3.xlarge, 4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM, (8 + 30)GB SSD


Core: Type I

Relays: 2, Type I, Tokyo, Japan Relays: 1, Type I, Singapore Cold Redundancy: Type II, Chiyoda, Japan